The journey to "Why".


My mind can not rest and is constantly reaching out ...

There is an invisible but strong relation between human emotion and places. Everywhere we move we get impressed by our surroundings and impacted in positive or negative ways. The views, the light, air and temperature, nature and architecture, materials and design, distances, colors and contrasts form the impression and either make us feel comfortable or create tension and stress. Through ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experiences with a place, a person could modify their personal attitudes, feelings and beliefs.

This "potpourri" of memories, interpretations and ideas related to a place - and the relationship between our feelings and the physical settings around us fascinates me.


My roots to inspiration and creativeness

It's entirely natural for me to build something out of nothing. I never sketch. Early on in my life I learned how to capture certain situations and moments, a specific atmosphere or feeling in my thoughts, detail it further in my mind by putting myself right into it. Watching rooms and spaces filled with people and imaging the different interactions amongst the environment and humans living within. Not myself in the center, but as a sideline observer.
Imagination then turns into creation and re-composition of my ideas and feelings as realistic as it can get - constantly testing whether these imaginations can be transferred into reality.


Motivation and guidance to my process

The transformation of images in my mind into something tangible and real permits the communication with others, visualizes my comprehension of an atmosphere for spectators and is my strongest mean to interact. Shaped by my spatial perception and my fascination for the influence of environments my mind creates an idea not directly applicable to the real world. A precise but intangible emotion. This imagination could be a whole space, but equally an object or room setup. Sometimes just small additions or changes to the existing circumstances. An imagination which is not limited by reality and which often breaks classic rules.


The specific expression of my works

I feel strong responsibility to re-create and form my imagination as authentic and in-depth as possible including all nuances and details. The possibilities shall not limit my imaginations and they shall never be boundaries to my creations - vice versa my imagination shapes the possibilities and eleminates limitations. Except of my own learnings and experiences I aim to withstand external influences my own methods and capabilities, my own hands and creative power guides the process and stamps it with personality.


Treating the materials

The pieces I make have always developed from an interest towards materials, their travels and the histories they tell. Using craftsmanship techniques, I create new narratives with them. I treat my materials like living organisms, they represent the opportunity to merge with other elements in various ways and their fusion stamps the final piece with its unique character.
In the act of artistic creation, I like to think of my pieces as 'being born’. and naturally, every child is different. This difference accounts for the variety and forms in which manifold materials might join together.


Recognition and inheritance

The general shape and the unique finish of my furniture are of an expressive nature. Objects adopt their own gestures and mimics. This expression finds again its roots in my relationship with the environment. I handle materials in a rather free creative spirit, using craftsmanship techniques that are performed by my most inner and personal dispositions. Like a child inherits many characteristics and behaviors from its parents, my collections and pieces unveil part of my sensibility.


The narrative composition

The spontaneous character of my creativeness overlays the acquired stack of learnings and experiences, though every new projects drives something new and expands the common narrative. The newest creations become part of the larger composition and boundary points characterize new origins more than just connotations.


Objects and space, personality and context

Even if I create dedicated to a specific room, space or person, my responsibility remains to develop independent objects with character, reflecting aspects and perspectives of the specific situation. The conscious personality of a commissioned piece adds to the existing situation, but permits the work to remain an object - individual and free.


Composing the vision

An interactive space like an empty canvas for a new artwork. The pieces, the room and its specific energy, constitute the material. Energy which the surroundings give to the space and equally, the space and everything inside giving back. The storyline being a living system, directed by intentions, visions and ideas within. An invisible hand encourages and facilitates everything moving and belonging inside. If you enter, you can experience and take something with you, but inevitably you will return something to it.


Who am I in the end?

My mind can not rest and inconstantly reaching out for new challenges and every step I can take has a lasting effect on the capabilities and my future work.
I permanently search, try something, reflect, and try once more. Endless, tiring, demanding - yet with a strong conviction that this is my very responsibility.

Why? That “why” might be the purpose of my journey.